Rosalind Harrison

Cemetery Lodge Art Studios        

Workshops at Cemetery Lodge Art Studios

Courses in the Art Studios at Cemetery Lodge,Mill Road, Cambridge.
Excellent tuition in printmaking & book arts.
Summer dates for workshops
Sunday 11th August: Relief printing -Lino
Saturday 17th August: Intaglio- Dry point printing

Bird boxes

Bird boxes that are art 
& homes for birds. 
Cemetery Lodge has many unique bird boxes that I have made and soon there will be some for sale. 

The Silent World 2

The Silent World’ artist book, has inspired a new direction with the use of collage. 

The Silent World

The Silent World is available as an ebook for £2.99 The Silent World.

Beyond the Flint

The fabric of the Lodge has been explored. Looking at how the past layers have made their imprint on younger layers and how links build up over time. 


During the renovation of The Cemetery Lodge objects were collected that represent aspects of events in my life and in the life of the building. 


I have for a long time had an interest in our mind’s ability to combine very different things together on the same level. 


Small fragments of past prints have been arranged, echoing our minds ability to conjure up a number of images at any one time.

Ungarded moments

Images inspired from travels in India. & other work inspired from travels.
Rosalind Harrison

Teaching experience

Over 25 years profesional experience lecturing in fine art and printmaking in both further and higher education.
9 years as head of Diploma in Art & Design Foundation Studies.
Rosalind Harrison


Degree in Fine Art from Bretton Hall, Leeds University .
Post-graduate diploma in Printmaking from Central and St. Martins School of Art in London. 
PGCE from Greenwhich University.
Cemetery Lodge Art Studio


Taught workshops In the 
beautiful studios at 
Cemetery Lodge, Cambridge. 
Excellent tuition in a range of printmaking techniques, book arts, drawing, colour and other creative practice. 

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