Collage work

The inspiration is from individual pages from the artist book, 'The Silent World' as well as from past prints, photographs, painting, drawings, magazines cuttings and scrap paper. The materials and images inform the collage and eventually an idea and a new story unfolds to form the final outcome. 
The pieces are not randomly placed, there is a very considered connection, an interaction or joining between the pieces. The scraps of paper, images and prints then become a new piece with their own identity. The impact of one object upon another has been explored, similar to how past memories impact on newer ones, and how links build up over time. 

Silent world 2 collage work

There are 252 single pages 13x20 cm. This body of work is in progress and stll unfinished.
 The fragmentary nature of the pieces recalls the ability of the memory to conjure up details from the past with an apparent lack of logic. Memory is a system within which new modules of information can be constructed, to the extent that such new information has the potential to inform new memories.