The Silent World 
by Rosalind Harrison

The Silent World by Rosalind Harrison 
An illustrated Artist Book 

Changes have been made from the original into a different form, so altering the book's appearance and meaning. The book has been altered. The inspiration is from what the artist can see on the pages, or from events that have happened, like a journal of her life during the year. Each page is reworked: shapes, forms, letters and words are picked out to tell a new narrative.  

The Silent World 

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Now available as a Hard back book with 255 colour pages. £45. 
Sample pages below.

The Silent World

Creating this book was as much about the process of working within the book as the finished product. I worked on it nearly every day, but did not set any strict guidelines or timetable to follow (such as a page per day), so some pages were re-developed and reworked over a number of days. Reflecting that lack of formal order. I hope you take pleasure looking at the book, swiping/turning through the pages in any spare moments or perhaps studying some in greater depth and that it inspires in you new random thoughts or your own creative interpretations.