Gel Plate Printing

This courses is for beginners and/or those wishing to refresh their skills or expore gel printing further.

Gel Plate Printing

Gel plates are great for printmaking, mixed media art, card-making, journaling, scrapbooking. You will be able to create monotypes which are one-of-a kind prints.

A Gel plate is a modern take on a gelatin printing block. The softness of the plates allows great detail to be captured & printed. Different kinds of media can be used, acrylic paints, pens, pastels, transfer. 

The creative possibilities really are endless!  

Gel Plate Printing 1.

This is for people who are new to Gel plate printing.
• Introduction to gel plate printing.
• Produce experimental prints using gel plates.
• Use of stencils and masks.
• Experiment with using acrylic paint colours.

Gel Plate Printing 2.
This course is a follow on from Gel Pate printing 1 or for those who have already used Gel plates but would like to explore further posibilities.
• Introduction to use of different materials, eg. acrilic pens, wax risit, soft pastles, biro and magazine transfer.
• Making a layered print in one pull.
• Exploring some of the endless posibilities of gel plate printing.

1 Day course. Gel Plate Printing

Course structure: 
Start at 10am work through the morning, taking the freely available tea, coffee and biscuits as and when we choose, until about 1pm when we break for lunch. The afternoon continues until leaving at around 4pm. 
All materials will be supplied for this courses.

Evening class

Course structure:
A block of 3 sessions each starts at 6.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm. 
All materials will be supplied for this courses.
Including free tea, coffee & biscuits

Understanding colour & monotype. 
Evening class. 3 sessions £120
1 Day course. £120